Initial Consultation; understanding the dynamic between a sponsor & sponsee, responsibilities, expectations and simply to determine if this type of relationship could be mutually beneficial.


Capturing as much footage of Max, in his element, as we can. Ensuring we are securing the necessary shots, from the right angles, with the ultimate goal of creating compelling promotional videos & still images, highlighting not only his achievements, but also the companies who help him make everything possible.


Reviewing, labeling and organizing all footage. Then structuring the clips in a creative yet most impactful way. Collaborating with Max to highlight the shots he feels will make the best impression to his audience, then putting everything together in our own unique way.


Created an animated introduction for this promotional pieces that not only highlight Max’s sponsors, but helps him stand out amongst his competition online and brand himself on a national scale.


Max Hernandez has made a name for himself throughout the bass fishing world in the western states and has some awesome support from a variety of companies. We’ve watched and experienced first hand the benefits Max Hernandez offers to said businesses, our goal is to document his capabilities as well as highlight the organizations who help him make everything possible.

Graphic Design
Duration (Days)
Prototypes Done


As with many of the projects we acquire, Max Hernandez Fishing is an ongoing project throughout his 2020 competitive fishing season and potentially beyond. We travel along with Max as he visits the various lakes throughout the desert southwest and simply, capture as much of his story as we’re able to via video footage, still images as well as audio recordings. Then bringing everything back to the office and creating the promotional videos as well as images that will help Max Hernandez stand out amongst his competition, highlight his achievements throughout his season and create as much visibility for the companies he works with as we’re able to.

We feel this dynamic is awesome, it enables us to focus on what we do best while having the opportunity to be in the environment we truly love and are just as passionate about. The return Max has offered to our company is unparalleled, we recognize the benefits Max can bring to the table, which drives us to do the best work we’re able to for him.

  • Consultation, understanding client goals and expectations.
  • Capturing footage with a variety of cameras and equipment.
  • Reviewing footage and collaboration with client to provide superior results.
  • A whole bunch of editing.
  • Rough unveil and back to editing.
  • Approval and public unveiling.

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