Initial Consultation; discussing, understanding & collaborating on digital marketing / business development with a focus on strategic demographics and a relevant design to capture interest.

Graphic Design

Created a variety of promotional materials and digital advertisements.


Created short, animated clips highlighting the BackFit logo, to be used as introduction clips or alone, for branding on social platforms.

Promotional Video & Editing

Created and edited three separate promotional videos to be used on the web, social platforms as well as on monitors in their clinics.


Being that the BackFit brand is rapidly growing across the state of Arizona, as well as the country, we had to present an aggressive marketing, social and promotional strategy. Our efforts were invested primarily in clean design, unique animations as well as driving interaction with their customer base online as well as on their social platforms.

Graphic Design
Video Production & Editing
Content Marketing
Duration (Days)
Completed Files
Prototypes Done


Such an awesome project! One that we were grateful to be involved in and one that challenged us, it made us better.

After meeting with the principals and marketing managers with BackFit, we felt we had a good understanding of their initiatives as well as their goals. Our objective was simply to exceed expectations.

We created a total of 14 files that were submitted to our client and ultimately, helped drive new business. From rack cards to display in clinics, brochures for patients, multiple animations of the BackFit logo, promotional videos and some content marketing on their social platforms, we were surely busy!

We truly appreciate the consideration and the numerous projects BackFit had us complete!

  • Consultation, understanding concepts and outlining our process.
  • Graphic Design / drafts / completion and approval.
  • Animation / drafts / completion and approval.
  • Promotional Video / drafts / completion and approval.
  • Content Marketing.

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