Discussed ideas with the owners of All Things Granite, a local stone contracting company in Phoenix, Arizona. Outlined turn-around time and cost.

Graphic Design

Taking the ideas and examples provided by the owners of All Things Granite, we got to work and came up with a few different looks.


We had the general idea down, but it wasn’t quite the fit so we collaborated and made the necessary adjustments to come up with exactly what the owners envisioned.


Once the new All Things Granite was exactly what the ownership wanted, we completed all paperwork and then transferred all vectorized files to their new rightful owner.


Creating an edgy that best represented this trade was surely a welcomed challenge! The owners knew they didn’t want a plain logo that’s been replicated millions of times, our client knew what they wanted, deciphering it was critical.

We designed the logo in Illustrator, created several different initial looks to get a feel for what most appealed to our client. Once that was identified, it was simply collaborating and sending several revisions over until the design was what they wanted.

Graphic Design
Days of Work
Vector Files
Revisions Completed


This was such a fun project to do and for as simple as the design turned out to be, it absolutely was a challenge to come up with.

Our first stone contractor client, we were very grateful for the project and happy to have it on our portfolio. The key to this project was communication and understanding what our client envisioned. They said initially they wanted something ‘different’, something that has not been seen repetitively. We collaborated on the design until it was precisely what the owners of All Things Granite wanted to represent their company.

  • Consultation
  • Graphic Design
  • Rough Drafts
  • Revisions
  • Final Approval & Transfer of Files