Initial Consultation; thoroughly understanding the 5150 Plastics vision and their goals was critical in creating the design they wanted to represent their brand moving forward.


Completed the 5150 Plastics logo and the custom WordPress website and wholesaler back-end integration. In collaboration with the ownership, we achieved the look and functionality necessary for their business.


Capturing professional images of the 5150 products, it’s marketing representatives as well as some of their customers. Images used on their social media pages, website and other marketing efforts.

Videography • Animation • Editing

Created a variety of marketing pieces, animated the 5150 Plastics logo, videography of their products, affiliate stores, customers and at the lake.


Outlining the diversity and timeline of the 5150 Plastics project, thus far. The ownership has not only created an established and in-demand local following, they’ve since branched out on a national level and are in discussions with a few larger retail outlets that should propel their business to the next level! We look forward to working with them on any of their digital media or marketing ventures.

Website Development
Graphic Design
Duration (Days)
Prototypes Done


This was, and continues to be, such a fun project to be involved with. As an outdoorsman myself, it was an honor to create the 5150 Plastics Inc. logo. After the logo was done, they reached back out to us to do their packaging artwork, social media artwork, we’ve completed animations and product photography as well.

Keeping an open line of communication, setting reasonable expectations, prompt customer service and always doing a little more than expected has not only kept our client satisfied, they have graciously referred us other business! Thank you.

  • Consultation, understanding concepts and outlining our process.
  • Logo design / drafts / completion and approval.
  • Packaging design / drafts / completion and approval.
  • Marketing and animation video production.
  • Capturing product, customer and retail images.
  • Custom open source website development and design.
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